Terms and Conditions

When you submit information

By clicking 'Sign Up' or 'Get Early Access' or 'Submit' you are giving us the right to contact you. You may take away this right from us at any time by emailing our legal department. Hopefully it doesn't get to that point. We'll try to keep things short and valuable!

Pre-launch, early access, and waitlists

Right now we are working on a full-scale site launch. During that time we are asking people to sign up for the waitlist which will give them early access to the site before our regular launch. However - if for any reason we are not able to launch, people on the waitlist will not ever get early access (or any access) to the site. Hopefully that is obvious! Additionally - we are offering various incentives for people on the waitlist to refer their friends. These incentives may include a promise of getting future discounts or free months of service. If we don't ever launch, then we can't offer free months of service or service discounts. Again, hopefully that is obvious. In short, we reserve the right to not launch the service, and we cannot fulfill free months of service or discounts in this case.

However - if we offer some incentive that is not directly tied to the site (i.e. free t-shirts) we will fulfill this reward regardless of whether or no the site ever launches.

Other stuff...

Please email our legal department for more information.